Welcome to Zeroschair.com!

Hello, my name is Dorcas Depierre.
I am so excited to have the opportunity to share my story with Zeroschair.com.
The original intention of creating Zeroschair.com came from my own experience.
I had to go to the doctor at work because of back and back pain caused by prolonged sitting.
The doctor told me that prolonged sitting is not only bad for the back, but also for the health of the whole body.
Therefore, I need a recliner that can support my spine and comfortable to improve my sitting posture and reduce pain.
So, I began to look for a suitable recliner in the market.
However, he found that the recliner on the market is not only expensive, but also none of them exactly meet my needs.
So, I began to look around for a recliner that really suits me.
After continuous searching, I finally found a comfortable and ergonomic Zero Gravity Chair, and his back pain has gradually reduced.
I realized that this Zero Gravity Chair can help more people to improve their sitting and health, so I decided to create an online store dedicated to selling Zero Gravity Chairde.
So I started Zeroschair.com.
Zero Gravity Chair is my choice not only because of their practicality, but also because of the comfort and comfort they represent.
I sincerely hope that everyone who uses the Zero Gravity Chair of Zeroschair.com can find their own happy time at the meeting point of leisure.