1. How to clean Zero Gravity Chair?

The cleaning of our Zero Gravity Chair is very simple, just remove the cushion of the Zero Gravity Chair, put it directly into the washing machine, and then dry it, the inside of the Zero Gravity Chair does not need to be cleaned.

2. Maintenance of Zero Gravity Chair

Zero Gravity Chair needs to be exposed to the sun frequently to prevent mildew.

During normal use, avoid using it in a humid environment.

3.Product packaging and sign-off

Our Zero Gravity Chair products will be wrapped in waterproof thickened carton, you should check carefully after receiving the courier, please check whether the packaging is intact before signing for it.

If there is any Zero Gravity Chair products damage, please contact us in time, we will handle it for you.

Another person to sign for the receipt, such as the consignee himself signed for.

If the package is rejected for customer reasons (non-quality issues), the shipping costs will be borne by the customer.

If your Zero Gravity Chair products is lost in transit, we will help you contact the courier company for processing.

Unclaimed and undeliverable parcels due to customer reasons (wrong or incomplete address).

We do not assume any responsibility.

4. Sales tax

Sales tax is the responsibility of the customer.

5.Return fee

Brand new Zero Gravity Chair products purchased on our website that do not affect secondary sales.

Returns can be made within the return period by contacting customer service.

If there is a quality problem with the product that is not caused by human, shipping costs will be borne by Zeroschair.com (Man-made, externally damaged products are not accepted returns).

If there is no product quality issue, the return shipping cost will be borne by the customer.

Zeroschair.com will not charge you to relist items.